About Us

In his book, When We Must Say Farewell, Karl Jennings writes, "In the end, your death doesn't belong to you, it belongs to anyone who has ever cared for, loved or shared life with you."

Therefore, at Ramsey Funeral Homes, our focus is to help the living successfully navigate the Acute Loss Period, the crucial time between the event of death and the onset of grief.

At Ramsey Funeral Homes, your most important decision isn't whether to choose burial or cremation. Your most important decision will be to fully understand how your choices impact the emotional, relational and spiritual well-being of those who cared for, loved and shared life with your loved one.

We are pioneers, educators and experts in the field of Acute Loss Management. This groundbreaking field in Thanatology is viewed both nationally and internationally as the palliative care model replacing the traditional funeral experience.